When a storm is coming, your commercial property must be ready. As a business in the Fraser Valley, you may be reliant on transportation in and out of your property, which means any unplanned snowfall could have an impact on your revenue and ability to remain open. To avoid such an impact, you may consider 24 hour weather monitoring throughout the year, with a significant focus in the Winter.

Watching for weather reports is time consuming. That’s why we are dedicated to supporting you and your business when it matters most.


What is 24 hour weather monitoring?

Here at Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we follow the weather around the clock. Our team keeps a close watch on hourly, daily and weekly forecasting, so we can plan ahead with our people and our equipment for our clients.

As we are an around the clock service during the Winter, our clients count on us to proactively prepare for what is ahead versus reacting in the moment.

While you may have your own internal weather monitoring strategy, our team can support and compliment your business.


Here’s why having a 24 hour weather monitoring partner is essential

…so we can support you when the snow hits

As we just experienced in the beginning of February, Vancouver can get a significant dump of snow in just a few short days. During this snowfall, our crews were fully prepared and ready to support our contracted clients with efficiency.

Remember – if you are not a current client of ours and you need support in preparing for an upcoming storm, contact us here.

…because we have the tools for accurate predictions¬†

Our professionals use a variety of tools to monitor all of the areas that we service in the Fraser Valley. From Vancouver to Chilliwack, we know the weather can be very different between regions. With our tools, we have accuracy in predictions and reports that you can trust.

…we’ll follow-up even after the storm¬†

Following a snowfall, you will need to check pavement conditions, ground temperatures and determine if your property needs snow plowing or de-icing. We may need to come back for additional work to ensure your business is safe for transportation.


Snow and Ice should never come as a surprise

With 24 hour weather monitoring, the impact of snow and ice should never come as a surprise to you and your business. If it does, this could pose a significant threat to your operations and income. With Fraser Valley Snow Removal, our team will be prepared to support you when you need it. This means that anyone who enters your business property can not only walk and drive safety into your building, you will also reduce the risk of having an unfortunate auto or pedestrian accident.

Our goal is to ensure that your business runs smoothly, around the clock, with our support. We will dispatch our snow removal technicians at the time you need, so your operations are not impacted by inclement weather ahead.

If you have questions about our snow removal service, contact us here.