White Rock, the City By The Sea, is a beautiful seaside community that offers one of Canada’ warmest climates with an average Winter temperature of 6 degrees. With a very small land area comes a limited population of just under 4,000 persons per square kilometre. This city, while the temperature rarely dips below zero, does experience snowfall every couple of years and as such, driving awareness needs to be at an all-time high. While White Rock snow removal is meticulously taken care of by the city and businesses like ours, it is important to be aware of Winter driving tips so you can prepare your vehicle before the snow falls.


Here are 10 tips for driving in the Winter in White Rock


1. White Rock has plenty of hills – slow down! 

When driving out from the pier after enjoying a beautiful walked with friends and loved ones, the hills in this surrounding area are steep! Especially in the Winter and as the weather cools, we must all be careful to drive at or under the speed limit.

2. Plan your routes in advance 

Much like the idea of slowing down in the area of White Rock, it is important to plan your routes in advance. From where you park to where you shop, create a safe transportation route based on main roads and easily accessible areas for your vehicle.

3. Inform someone of your arrival and departure route and times 

Much like going for a hike, traveling in the Winter, when white rock snow removal is especially taking place in your city, is an important time to share your traveling routes. Be sure a friend or loved one knows where you are going and when you are planning on arriving.

4. Warm up your vehicle before leaving your home

When the weather is cold, it is important to warm up your vehicle before driving off, though of course not in a closed garage. This practice can help to reduce moisture condensation on the inside of your windows. It also gives your vehicle an opportunity to warm up the engine before entering the potential icy roads.

5. Be aware of road reports or traffic conditions before leaving

Many media publications and websites provide road conditions and overall road reports, which are important to plan your trip ahead of time. Traffic updates will let you know where potential dangers are, including areas of construction. It is best to check out such reports prior to leaving your home during the Winter months.

6. Do not use cruise control 

Winter driving requires all of us to be in full control of our vehicles when driving; as such, do not use cruise control. Allow for extra time or alertness when on the roads.

7. Keep extra distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you

Lengthening the distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you can help to avoid a potential accident. Stopping distance on a dry road versus an icy road is significantly different.

8. Be very aware of snow plows

During the Winter, snow plows and larger vehicles are on the road. Never pass a snow plow. Whiteout conditions can greatly impact the ability for snow plows to see other vehicles, so be aware as a defensive driver during these months.

9. Drive with low beam headlights on

Driving with your low beam headlines makes your vehicle more visible. They are brighter than your automatic daytime lights and also ensure that your tail lights are on.

10. Slow down well before you begin approaching a stop sign

During the Summer you may stop at the stop sign and not well before you are approaching; in the Winter, you will need to begin stopping well in advance of any intersection. Roads can cool much faster as the weather drops, so there may be ice on the ground even if it is not visible.


White Rock Snow Removal can help

In addition to being a very aware and defensive driver, our snow removal and salting service can help any city, like White Rock. Snow removal is the smart choice for any customer, be it a city or commercial client, needing reliable and affordable snow removal services.

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