Thinking about the Winter that was as we are waiting with anticipation of long, warm days can seem like a bit of a dichotomy. Yet, with the additional time we are spending at home during this global pandemic, there is maintenance you can do now to prepare your home and equipment for the Winter that is months ahead of us. Especially in the city of Surrey, where the snow can impact roads in different ways across our vast and great city, Surrey snow removal preparation now can help you when the Winter comes around again.


Here are Surrey snow removal tips for the Spring – when you have more time at home now


1. Wash your equipment and place it in safe storage

With many of us spending all of our evenings at home these days, we have more time to tinker around the home and the garage. Now is the time to wash your equipment thoroughly and place it in safe storage. Spend the next weekend or weekday evening to wash and shine your at-home snow blowers or salt spreaders. Not only will this thorough clean help to keep your equipment in excellent shape, it will serve you well for longevity in the future.


2. If you need replacement of your at-home equipment, now is the time to search 

In addition to the Surrey snow removal that the city is performing during the Winter months, you may have at-home equipment that will supplement in between services. Should you need to replace your snow blowers, salt spreaders, shovels or other snow removal equipment, now is the time. “Off-season”, as we call it, is now – which means local stores are making room on their shelves for Spring and Summer focused equipment. Snatch a good deal if you can, but shopping online now of course.


3. Consider your salt usage last Winter, and plan for the months ahead 

If you have a single family home, townhouse or duplex, you likely have a salt spreader for your driveway or walkway. Consider the amount of salt you used last Winter and plan for the months ahead as we move through the seasons. You may have gone through a full 50 LBS bag of rock salt, or you may have barely scratched the surface. Take into account your usage for 2019, and plan ahead (or even purchase) your estimated rock salt for 2020. Place it into storage.


4. Assess your current garden landscape

You may have already learned much during the Winter season about your current garden landscape. Perhaps your trees or plant beds were not far enough away from the pavement to avoid potential damage, or maybe you didn’t mark your property (like driveways, beds, lawn, and more) with poles during snow plowing. Whatever your learnings may have been, now is the time to assess your current garden landscape. You may find yourself re-planting your existing plants and shrubs to make way for next Winter. Don’t be afraid of flexing your green thumb.


5. Pay attention to your driveway 

During Surrey snow removal in the Winter, your driveway can see a spectrum of possible damage. As the snow melts, you may see water pooling, cracking or sinkholes. Be proactive during the Spring months by sealing and edging the driveway; even if you have done this last year, you may need to reapply dependent on the level of damage that was generated during the Winter months. If you are able to do this every Spring, you may be able to avoid a full replacement of your driveway in the long run. Bonus: a freshly sealed driveway is truly something to behold!


Fraser Valley Snow Removal is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for efficient and reliable snow removal and salting services. We serve Surrey, Langley and other areas in the Lower Maintain for 24/7 customer support. While there are DIY snow removal solutions you can do during the Winter months, you may need a greater level of support dependent on your commercial or home property.

To learn more about how you can prepare your home for Surrey snow removal, contact us here and learn more about our Surrey snow removal services by clicking here.