Site Visits to Check Surface Condition

Site Visits are an Essential Part of our Services

Have you ever hired a service professional that only did half the job for which you contracted them…and then never heard from them again? Unfortunately, that’s not an uncommon scenario. Some service companies simply don’t complete the job the way you thought they would, and then you’re left holding the proverbial bag.

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we remain with you until the job is done right each time, and that includes making visits to your site to be sure that everything we promised has been completed and that no new issues have arisen.

Yes, our supervisors will come to YOU to make sure good surface conditions are being maintained and that during those critical times after a storm your property is safe for you, your clients and customers, and your employees. We won’t just take your word for it. We’ll come and take a look for ourselves!

Why do we include site visits?

It’s simple. Once snow is removed and/or relocated and salting services are performed, things can change quickly. We’ve all been there. We think we’ve gotten rid of the snow and ice, only to have things freeze up again. Or perhaps more flakes fall and we’re uncertain about the safety of the surfaces we use. With on-site personnel making visits to your property, we’ll erase that worry and you can expect to avoid the unexpected.

When our supervisors show up at your property, we’ll make a thorough assessment of what’s been done and what might need to be done again or in the near future. If pavements remain slippery, we’ll order additional re-icing. If there’s a thin coat of the white stuff in the parking lot, we’ll determine whether or not it’s safe to leave it behind or if we should address it. Our 24-hour weather monitoring helps us make those all-important decisions, too.

We want to make sure that you and your employees or customers are safe and that your property is free from conditions that could cause accidents or falls. We understand just how important it is to provide safe conditions, whether it snowed just a little or a whole lot! And because ice is often the culprit in accidents and other mishaps, we’ll check those surfaces carefully as many times as necessary, ensuring that there are no surprises when you step foot on that sidewalk, pathway, driveway, or parking area.

Want to hear more about what we do to keep you safe? Talk to one of our customer service representatives about our full line of snow removal services for businesses large and small and be sure to get the specifics about our site visits and other perks that guarantee your snow and ice removal will be done well and completely.