Snow Relocation Can Benefit Your Business

Sometimes, the snow keeps falling and falling and, before you know it, there’s way more than just a few inches on the ground. Those who live and work in the Vancouver area know that at least a few times during the winter season, the first snow has barely melted before the next storm arrives. That makes for some complications, especially when plowing and shoveling result in large piles of the white stuff that begin to obstruct parking lots, walkways, and more.

Sometimes, it’s impractical to simply let the snow remain on your property, especially if you have a thriving business that depends on your employees getting to work and your customers making it to the front door of your establishment. That’s why many of our busy clients opt for snow relocation to our dump site in addition to plowing and other snow and ice maintenance services.

Why should you consider snow relocation?

If you are a commercial property owner, it’s likely that you approach the winter months with at least some thought given to the snow and how it impacts your business. Perhaps you have a contract with us for snow removal, salting, and other services that help you make it through the frosty months. But if you haven’t considered snow relocation, you may want to give it some more thought.

As snow piles get taller and taller and wider and wider, it becomes quite difficult to clear areas that are essential to your business. This includes sidewalks, paths, parking lots, and anything else that needs to be clear in order to obtain access to your business.

In addition to problems that simply keep you, your employees, and your clients from traveling from place to place or foot or by vehicle, large piles of snow also represent liability issues. When someone is injured due to piles of snow left behind, or when someone has an accident due to poor visibility because of excess snow, you – the property owner – become liable for that accident or injury.

Furthermore, off-site snow relocation allows you to maximize space. Instead of setting aside a valuable piece of your property for snow piles, you can use it for what it was meant to be, such as spaces in your parking lot or areas for your vehicles or supplies.

In addition, heavy piles of snow can have negative effects on your property in general. For example, large amounts of snow that wind up on grassy areas can ruin grass and landscaping, resulting in the need to repair and revitalize those areas, which can prove to be quite costly. Those who instead opt to move the snow off-site will find that their landscaping will emerge from the winter mostly unscathed and that nothing more than traditional spring maintenance and planting will be necessary.

Using our 24-hour service

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we’ve long recognized the advantages of snow relocation, so we made sure we’d have access to a 24-hour-a-day dump site where we can place your snow once we remove it from your property. Because the dump site is available to us around the clock, we can engage in snow relocation at any time of the day or night, so your property will be ready for your employees and customers as soon as possible after a significant storm or once snow piles become too large to be safe to leave on-site.

Need more information about costs and other factors involved in snow relocation to our 24-hour dump site? Call us for a free consultation and you’ll be ready for the next time that white stuff falls.