Snow and Ice Management

We can’t manage the weather, but we can manage how we handle the white stuff when it falls. Hiring a top-notch, reliable company to address snow and ice management is the first step towards literally providing a clear path for those who need to be out and about in the less-than-ideal weather.

Even those who are accustomed to rugged winter weather know it’s no fun to slip and slide and, of course, it’s dangerous – potentially resulting in injury. Business and commercial property owners need to be especially careful about clearing ice and snow or else they are left vulnerable to lawsuits filed by individuals who may get hurt when falling on their property. That’s why a snow and ice removal and management company is essential in protecting one’s business.

Services offered

A reliable snow removal company should offer a list of various services that address snow and ice management. A leader in snow risk management provides a full range of options for individuals or businesses to select in order to tackle the winter, no matter how many times the ice or snow comes down.

Snow plowing

Plowing is likely the first step most people think about in the routine we call snow management. Plowing needs to be done when snow cover reaches more than a few inches and when it becomes a hindrance to those who must enter the property in question. A good snow and ice management company has plenty of snow plows and other snow removal equipment on hand and is able to react quickly to the need for plowing, no matter the size of the job.

Sidewalk clearing

Fraser Valley Snow Removal understands that part of snow and ice management is keep sidewalks, steps, and other pathways clear so that employees and customers are able to easily navigate your property and reach your location. We even schedule return visits when storms stagnate or when re-icing becomes a problem.
Snow stacking – As is typical during Canadian winters, one storm can be closely followed by another and it isn’t unusual for snow to truly become a burden when it falls in abundance. That necessitates sometimes moving or “stacking” snow piles so as to widen passages in order to facilitate the flow of traffic. FVSR owns plenty of front-end loaders and backhoes for moving snow to more convenient locations!

Snow hauling

Sometimes, there’s just no more room for all that white stuff! It then becomes time to take advantage of our show hauling services, which include moving snow off property to a designated 24-hour dump site away from your commercial or industrial property.

Ice control

Have you seen our piles of salt? If you have, you know how serious we are about ice management. As a matter of fact, we keep a variety of salt products on hand to address your ice situation, including many that are environmentally- and vegetation-friendly and won’t harm plants, grass, shrubs, and any other greenery. Furthermore, our on-site supervisors and other customer service professionals keep close track of application times and will suggest re-application during longer storms or whenever re-icing could possibly occur.

24-hour weather monitoring

Besides all the physical services we offer, we also provide a team of professionals that monitor current and future weather conditions so that we’re prepared to tackle your job before, during, and after storms hit the region.


At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we understand the importance of prompt and professional service. That’s why we’ve got a fleet of more than 50 snow-maintenance vehicles available to handle all of our accounts in a timely manner, from small commercial locations that require only minimal time to large jobs that require hours of service.

Furthermore, we’ll provide you with an in-depth consultation about our snow and ice management service options so that you understand what such management will require at your location and how much it will cost. Our team of experts will chat with you about suggested services for your property, set up a schedule, and handle billing particulars so that next time it snows you can stay in bed and leave the plowing to the professionals!

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