Sidewalk Clearing is Essential in Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents

You might not be thinking about snow right now, but if you’re the owner of a property or business that can be severely compromised when the white stuff falls, chances are it’s never all that far from your mind, even during the warmer months. We all know that the winter comes before we know it and stays a while, so it’s necessary that we be prepared for it so that – whether we’re a homeowner or a business owner – we can come and go as we please and be safe when we do it.

For businesses, snow removal can be a big deal AND a big expense. That’s why it’s essential to hire a snow removal company that does more than just plow the parking lot. It’s important that snow removal service includes getting rid of snow and ice on all surfaces, including sidewalks and pathways.

Sidewalk clearing is often the most tedious snow removal work as it usually demands some hand-shoveling, especially for narrow sidewalks or those that aren’t level. It can be time-consuming but is essential to protecting your employees, customers, or clients as well as your business. Slip and falls are no laughing matter, especially when your company could be on the line for any injuries incurred as the result of a snowy or icy surface where traction is bad.

The right equipment and personnel

For a job well-done that includes sidewalk clearing and the cleaning of other surfaces where walking occurs, especially during business hours, it’s essential to hire a snow removal company that does it all, including the small stuff. You need more than just a man (or woman) with a snow plow.

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, our team of snow removal experts do more than just heavy-duty snow clearing or moving. They will personally break out their shovels and clear any pathways or sidewalks that need attention. And not just once! If, during or after a snowstorm, shoveling needs to be completed a second time, we’ll do it! Afterwards, our technicians will apply salt or some other de-icing agent so that these surfaces remain clear and so that you and your clients are protected from harm.

24/7 availability

In order to clear sidewalks in a timely manner and to keep them clear, it’s necessary to employ a snow removal company that offers round-the-clock service. If it snows overnight and you want to be ready to open at 9 a.m., it’s a good idea to contract a company that will take on the job of making sure you’re sidewalks are clean and free of snow and ice by the time that first employee or customer arrived, no matter what time of day. It’s also essential that this company monitors the weather forecast, so that they can be ready to go when the need arises.

So, make sure hand-shoveling and sidewalk or pathway clearing is part of the service you’ve contracted with your snow removal company. If not, take a look at the services offered by Fraser Valley Snow Removal, which includes all-inclusive shoveling and removal that addresses every little piece of your property. Call one of our customer service professionals for more information.