On-site Supervisors Keep the Plows Rolling

When it’s time to clear the snow and ice at your property, business, or store – no matter what the size – you want it done properly. There’s no doing it halfway when it comes to removing snow and ice, and anything less puts you and your employees, clients, and customers at risk.

And while we trust that our hard-working employees will get the job done right each time, the addition of an on-site supervisor at your location ensures that you – the customer – is happy with the end result each time.

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, adding that extra step equates to scores of satisfied customers that return to us year after year for their snow and ice management needs.

Professional management experts

When it’s time to commence with snow removal and other snow-related tasks at your location, we dispatch a team that’s the right size to address all your needs, from simple plowing to snow relocation, hand shoveling, and ice and salting services. That’s because we carefully access your property when the sun is shining and before the unpleasant weather arrives, noting what we’ll need to do to get the job done right the first time.

But the addition of one extra person – an on-site manager – means there’s no room for error. Our managers are highly-skilled in the ins and outs of snow and ice removal and are able to coordinate the tasks of each member of your snowy day team. That means the job gets done well AND in a timely manner. The combination of the two means your property will be clear as soon as possible and your business can be up and running without huge delays.

The on-site managers at Fraser Valley Snow Removal have years of experience in the business and know exactly how to craft a precision team to meet your needs, whether it involves just a few plows and a couple of shovels or a huge team of snow removal professionals taking on a variety of tasks to clear your site of the white stuff.

Weather monitoring

Not only do our on-site managers organize the team when they’re at your location, but they also keep an eye on the weather and what’s happening outside by staying tuned to the 24-hour weather monitoring tools we use during the winter months. By being aware of what’s coming and what’s already arrived, they can better predict the services needed by our clients, when to arrive at your location, and when to return for more snow removal or for ice management.

These tools provide accurate predictions that allow our on-site managers to determine exactly what needs to be done when they arrive but also allows for pre-planning, which makes us more efficient and allows us to plan our day so that everyone is serviced at a time when clear streets, sidewalks, paths, and parking lots are essential.