Hand Shovelling and Salting Complete the Job

Snow removal – whether the job is big or small – includes a series of different tasks. Usually, especially if the property to be cleaned is large, snow removal crews come in with the “big guns” first – snow plows and trucks that take care of large areas like parking lots and streets, moving snow to make way for cars and people so that businesses or organizations can operate as usual. It can be a monumental task but the right snow removal company can handle the job regardless of the weather.

However, there are two things that usually happen near the end of a snow removal project that are equally as important as the work done by those plows and the people who operate them. That’s hand shovelling and salting, two jobs that one might consider the “finishing touches” of any snow removal project.

Hand shovelling

Any good snow removal company knows that the beauty is in the details. At Fraser, we take care of all those little details by breaking out the shovels and tending to the portions of your property that demand some personal attention.

Hand shovelling is essential for the safety of your workers, customers, or clients, especially in regards to spaces such as narrow walkways, steps, and other places where foot traffic is abundant. These are spots that can’t be serviced by large vehicles but they are also the places where slip and fall accidents most often occur. By tending to these areas with our shovels, we help you avoid the kinds of mishaps for which your business could be held responsible, especially when snow removal is done shoddily or not at all.

Safe walking conditions means we shovel walkways all the way up to your front door…or back door. And if it needs to be done more than once, the experts at Fraser will shovel until all the snow is gone, even if that means returning a second or third time.

Salting services

Hand shovelling is essential for clear walking surfaces, but following that shovelling with salting is equally as important. Salting keeps ice from forming when temperatures dip, allowing clear passage for those on foot, even if some additional light precipitation occurs after the initial storm.

Salting, incidentally, doesn’t always involve salt. There are a number of products that can be used to “salt” your property and our experts at Fraser can recommend the best type for your property. Many of these products are extremely kind to the environment and clients can choose one that will do the job without harming bushes, plants, grass, and other natural elements. The kind of melting product recommended will also be determined by the types of surfaces to be treated as well as the customer’s budget.

Salt, sand, magnesium chloride, or another product of your choice will be applied not only to your hand-shoveled surfaces, of course, but also to larger surfaces where vehicles can slip and slide when de-icing is not handled properly.


Need more information on our full range of snow removal services? It’s never too early to prepare for next winter’s snow-related needs. Call us and speak to a member of the Fraser staff for more details and a no-obligation cost estimate.