Commercial & Industrial Snow Plowing

Whether you’re a homeowner or the owner of a business, chances are you’ve gotten out of bed on the morning after a huge snowstorm and groaned. Not again, you think…and the last thing you want to do is put on your parka and boots and head out to shovel.

But at Fraser Valley Snow Removal, where we specialize in commercial and industrial snow plowing, we love the snow! We’re excited when lots of those big white flakes fall because it means it’s time for us to get to work, clearing the way for those who need to get on with business as usual.

With our 24-hour weather monitoring and quick, professional service, you won’t be waiting long for the plows to arrive. We’re efficient, reliable, AND affordable, providing our commercial and industrial customers with options that will keep their property clean without breaking the bank.

Our Commercial/Industrial snow plowing services include:

A personalized plan for you and your business – We take the time to talk specifics! We’ll begin by chatting with you about snow plowing issues that will impact your operations, such as opening and closing hours, traffic patterns around your property, snow placement needs, and more. Then we’ll draft a plan for plowing, de-icing, removal, and whatever else is necessary to keep your property clear. After that, we’ll offer you a contract to which we’ll strictly adhere; one that fits both your snow removal needs and your budget.

Efficient snow removal with the right equipment – At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we have an impressive fleet of more than 50 pieces of snow removal equipment, so there’s always one that’s right for your job. Our equipment can clear huge areas – like parking lots – in a timely manner; clear walkways around buildings and in front of stores, homes, or other structures; and even tackle the small areas, which may demand a little hand shoveling now and then. Regardless of what we need to get the job done, we’ll have it on hand so that it’s done right the first time around.

De-icing options – So often, it’s the ice left behind after a shoddy removal job that causes trouble, so we make sure we don’t leave any behind! Our de-icing solutions for commercial and industrial properties are excellent and ensure clean and clear driveways, parking lots, walkways, and other surfaces where you’ll be experiencing foot or automobile traffic. Furthermore, we offer a variety of de-icing products from standard salt and sand to products that are more eco-friendly and safe for your vegetation.

Attention to safety – We understand that the main reason for removing snow is to ensure the safety of those who must be present on your property after a snowfall or ice storm. So our utmost attention is focused on safety and we do whatever is necessary to ensure that there won’t be any slip-and-fall accidents or fender-benders on your property. If that means we have to take the snow elsewhere to dispose of it, we will. We’ll also be sure to handle de-icing and will return to repeat any of these processes if and when it is necessary.

We understand that it’s all about minimizing the weather’s impact on your daily operations. At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, our years and years of expertise combined with our superior knowledge of snow removal, hard-working employees, and top-notch equipment have provided us with a reputation as one of the best in the area for commercial/industry snow plowing and other snow-related services. Call us today and let us discuss your needs before the next flakes fall.