While the Summer may not seem like the time to consider where to travel in Mission in the Fall or Winter months, everyone we know seems to be planning ahead for Winter holidays within our beautiful province. Due to the global pandemic, we are all exploring our own backyards, like the Coastal Mountains. That is also why it is important to consider Mission snow removal when planning your get-aways.

As a business who serves the Mission area, we have developed six places to consider traveling to during this Winter season in the beautiful area of Mission, British Columbia.


But first – learn more about Mission, British Columbia


Nestled in the Coastal Mountains across the Fraser River is Mission, British Columbia. Also referred to as “The Gateway To The Fraser River”, mission was historically a stopping place for trappers and settlers.

The first inhabitants of this area were the people of the Sto:lo First Nations. The Sto:lo Nation is the political amalgamation of eleven total Sto:lo communities.


Here are 5 places to visit within Mission in the Winter – made easier thanks to Mission snow removal


1. Hemlock Valley Ski Resort

Hemlock is located 8.5 miles north of Hwy 7 from nearby Harrison Bay. Hemlock is a small Winter recreation area that has plenty of trails, ski runs and outdoor activities for the whole family. The season in Hemlock Valley runs from December to March, an ideal time for dependable snow removal.

2. Mission Museum 

If you are looking for something closer for the family, consider Mission Museum. This Museum will educate you on rivers, rails and the deep history of Mission. There are large, local history displays, walking tours and even a 1907 BC Mills prefabricated building.

3.  Fraser River Heritage Park 

This park is located just a couple of minutes from Downtown Mission and offers beautiful views of the Fraser River. Take a stroll at your own pace, and consider bringing some lunch to enjoy as a physically distanced option after your walk, if the weather allows.

4. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, one of two Benedictine Monasteries in Canada, is home to Benedictine monks even in this day. If you are seeking some solace, meditation and unique solitude, take a look at the Westminster Abbey and inquire into tours of this beautiful are in Mission.

5. Cascade Falls 

These falls are located in the Cascade Falls Regional Park, which is northeast of Mission. The suspension bridge gives you a great view of a 30 metre waterfall, though be sure to check ahead with the weather forecast in the colder months.


Why you need to be aware of snow removal and safety in the Winter


When it comes to Mission snow removal, we take excellent care of each and every project. The same is said for city and rural roads. We all know that snow removal makes travel easier and safer, whether you are traveling on foot or you are driving your family to one of the above locations on wheels. When your roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots are free of snow, delays aren’t a problem and work continues.

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