The weather in Langley is lovely most of the time! It’s a wonderful, comfortable place to live and it’s generally delightful to be outside. And even when the snow falls, it’s quite lovely!

However, as pretty as the snowfall might be, with its crystalline appearance and magical sparkle, walking and driving in it can be a different story!

The Langley area receives an average of about 40 centimeters of snow each year, most of it concentrated in the months of late November through early March. Some years, the city receives much less snow while other years bring many more centimeters of the white stuff.

If you’re a Langley business owner or are responsible for large parcels, parking lots, sidewalks, or other areas where snow can be a hazard, you certainly understand that removing that snow and managing any other precipitation or ice that comes after it is essential to the well-being of clients, employees, or anyone else who needs to traverse the property you own or manage. That means finding a reliable Langley snow removal company is essential.

Duties of property owners and occupants in Langley

You may not know that the City of Langley spells out a number of rules that concern the handling of snow and ice and its removal. The City Services Department mandates the following:

Owners of properties in the City of Langley are required to remove any accumulation of snow or ice from the sidewalks and walkways bordering their property within 24 hours after a snowfall that caused any accumulation of snow or ice on sidewalks or walkways, or prior to the depth of snow accumulation exceeding 10cm (approximately 4″). The owner or occupant must also remove snow or ice from the roof or other parts of any such structure adjacent to or abutting the road or sidewalk immediately, and if snow or ice constitutes a danger to persons using the highway by being so located as to impose the threat of falling upon the highway.

The city does its part during snow events to keep public streets and sidewalks safe for residents and visitors and expects the same of those who own property on which poor conditions could become a hazard. City officials note that they try to take an “educational” approach first and issue warnings and instructions, but if snow accumulation continues to be a problem in any one location, they will assess a fine of $100 per day until any issues are resolved.

As such, it’s important for Langley property/business owners to have a plan in place to address snow or ice in a timely manner.

Fraser Valley Snow Removal can help!

Sometimes a snow removal job is just too big for one or two persons or simply too daunting for someone who does not have experience addressing snow and ice, especially on a large property. You run out of salt. There aren’t enough shovels, Truly, sometimes it just comes down to having the equipment needed to get the job done, which is why hiring a professional snow removal company becomes essential.

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, what we do is part of our name! But we also do a lot more to insure that your property is safe and remains that way.

In addition to commercial and industrial plowing after a snowfall, we also provide other services.

  • We manage ice and snow by sending a site monitor to access the conditions at your property and to determine if and when we must return.
  • We’ll salt your property with the ice melting solution of your choice. We’ll salt more than once if needed and will return again and again if need be until we’re sure your property is safe for cars and pedestrians. Talk to one of our experts about what can of ice melt is right for you.
  • If snowfall is significant and there’s no place to pile the plowed snow, we’ll relocate it and take it to our 24-hour dump site. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • We’ll take care of the small stuff, too. If there are parts of your property that demand hand shoveling – like sidewalks or small pathways, we’ll do it!
  • We are proud of our 24-hour weather monitoring service, which will help us determine what’s heading towards Langley and when it’s the right time to visit your property to begin salting or removing snow. This monitoring means we’re on top of storms before they arrive and we’ll keep in tune with what’s coming afterwards, like low temperatures that could cause additional problems.

Our fleet includes all the vehicles and equipment needed to handle projects of all sizes. A consultation with one of our staff can help determine what we’ll need for your job and will help us set a budget you can handle.

For more information, to request a quote, or to schedule an appointment with our experts, call 604-575-3877.