When living in Abbotsford, British Columbia, we are aware of the very clear four seasons that our city has. While there is plenty of prep inside of our homes to get ready for each season, it is just as important to prepare the exterior of our homes for the seasons. With Winter right around the corner, we have the tips you need to prepare your home for the season, primarily to get ready for Abbotsford snow removal.

Here are 5 ways to prepare the exterior of your home for the Winter and Abbotsford snow removal


1. Prepare your lawn and exterior foliage 

To get ready for the inevitable snowfall, you will want to trim all overgrown branches back from around your home. With the snow will come additional weight on your trees and branches. This weight could pose danger to your home, so it is important to avoid any potential property dm

From there, you may consider aerating the lawn and reseeding before it gets too cold. A winter fertilizer will promote growth once the Spring comes around.


2. It’s time to look at your landscaping 

Dig up any flower bulbs and label accordingly. You will want to store your bulbs in a bag or a box, ideally in your garage, for Spring replanting.


3. Turn off all exterior faucets 

Drain all water from outdoor pipes, valves and sprinkler heads to protect against potential pipe bursts. Remove any attached hoses on the exterior of your home and store them away for the Winter to mitigate the chance of cracks. You may also wish to wrap outdoor faucets in order to protect against possible water damage.


4. Bring all tools and machinery inside 

We all know that the snow can sometimes come as a surprise here in the City of Abbotsford. When we get into the thick of Winter, you may very well wake up to a white sprinkling in the morning! As such, it is important that you bring all seasonal tools and machinery inside. You may want to consider weatherizing your lawn mower by cleaning off all debris, such as mud and leaves. Bring all seasonal tools inside, so as to not lose any once the snow huts. Make sure you have a good supply of ice melt or sand on hand as you need it for Abbotsford snow removal.


5. Perform your final gutter check before the snow hits

It is important to perform an annual gutter debris removal. You may wish to engage with professionals, or you could do this yourself very carefully.  Clear your gutters of any debris, such as leaves and rocks. Ensure that your downspouts are extended away from your house. Be sure to watch for any potential blockages.


Getting your home ready for the Winter is no small project. While you may wish to employ professionals, you can certainly spend time on your own to work through these outdoor projects as we all prepare for Abbotsford snow removal in our great city. Overall, some TLC around your home will go a long way in the Winter months and set you up for a great Spring in your home. When the snow does hit, be sure to work with the professionals to get your driveway or neighbourhood free and clear of snow and potentially dangerous ice build-up. To learn more, contact Fraser Valley Snow Removal for 24/7 customer care.