Living in Delta, you know that the weather can be challenging during the Winter. From the Sunshine Hills to the flats of the farmland, we are all in the process of de-winterizing our homes following a snowy winter. As the weather is warming, and we are spending much of our time within the area of our homes, Delta snow removal is happening now.

A home that has been “winterized” in preparation for the colder months will also need to be “de-winterized”. During this process, you are taking actions to prepare the home for warmer months once again, as you continue to inhabit your Delta home.


Here are 5 ways you can de-winterize your home for 2020


1. Check all water supply tubes and pipes

As part of the process to winterize your home, you may have wrapped your outdoor pipes with towels, or you may have disconnected supply tubes from plumbing fixtures. You will now need to inspect all of these fixtures, removing any warming measures you took or re-connecting any pipes you had removed.

Many of us stuff drain openings with rags that will prevent sewer gases from rising into the home. If this is something that you do as a Winter precaution, be sure to inspect all drains within your home.


2. Turn off your fireplace pilot light 

When you are not using your fireplace, your pilot light still draws energy. If you have a natural gas fireplace, you can reduce extra heat (and cost) in your home bu turning off your pilot light as we move into the spring. Keep the manufacturer’s relighting instructions within reach as you de-winterize your home.


3. Clean the roof gutters 

Especially during the Winter, leaves and other debris can be clogged in the gutters. As you de-winterize your home, safely and with company get a ladder and clean your roof gutters. During the winter in this city, Delta snow removal can take care of the surface debris, though a solid clean as we enter the Spring is necessary for overall de-winterization of your home.


4. Re-program your thermostat 

You may have smart thermostats in your home, or you may have a manual device. Programmable systems can be adjusted for the Winter, and when it comes time for the warmer weather, you will need to re-program them for the home. You are likely spending more time than usual in your home at this time, which may mean that the heat is off nearly completely. Welcome the warmer weather and embrace opening your windows!


5. Power wash your driveway and outdoor areas 

With the snow comes dirt and debris. Much like cleaning your roof gutters, your driveway and outdoor areas will also need to be cleaned. Dependent on the surface you have outdoors, a pressure washer is often the easiest device to use that will do the trick.

With all the tools available, pressure washing can certainly be intimidating; however, it can really make your home look like new in the span of an afternoon! First and foremost, clear debris and excess dirty or dust from the surface using a broom. Then, protect your exterior walls and doors with plastic sheeting. Next, follow the instructions on your particular power washer device to ensure you clean and seal your driveway and outdoor areas accordingly.


These five tips will help you prepare to de-winterize your home. While there are plenty of other steps you may take, dependent on your unique home, this will help you begin as we enter the Spring months.

While us at Fraser Valley Snow Removal are experts in snow removal and salting services, we understand the importance of home preparation between the seasons. To learn more about preparing your home for the season ahead, contact us here.