When we wrote about the anticipated snow for the Winter last month, we shared that experts predicted to have lower than average temperatures as we move into the final months of this season – and they were correct! We’ve seen some snowfall, with colder weather coming ahead for the month of February. While you may have prepared your home for the snowfall or freezing temperatures, there are times when snow is unpredictable and you need help after a large snowstorm. That’s why we provide commercial industrial snow plowing when you need it most.

If you emerge out of bed in the morning after a storm only to discover that your business is surrounded by difficult-to-move snow, you may be searching for snow plowing to save the day. With our 24-hour monitoring, we are here to be just that for you and your team when you need it most.


Here is what our Commercial Industrial Snow Plowing services include…


1. A customized and personalized plan for you and your business 

Every business property is unique, from the location and size of your buildings to your entrance and exit roads or driveways. That’s why we create personalized plans that take the following into consideration:

  • Opening and closing hours
  • Traffic patterns around your business
  • Snow placement needs


2. Dependable equipment to do the job

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal we are focused on doing the job right, every single time. That means we must have dependable equipment that practices efficiency. With more than 50 pieces of snow removal equipment in our fleet, we always have the best equipment to get the job done.

Our equipment can clear everything from small areas, like sidewalks around your industrial building, to your driveway entrance.


3. De-Icing options for safety and security of your business 

We offer de-icing solutions with commercial and industrial snow plowing services. Ice on your driveways and walkways can pose significant safety challenges around your business, and may pose a risk to your industrial property if not done correctly. We provide de-icing products from standard salt to eco-friendly options.


Snowplow safety tips – what you need to know if we are on your property


Remaining safe during commercial industrial snow plowing is important. When you see a snow plow or salt truck on the road or on your property, it is important that we all proceed with an immense amount of caution.

Here is what you should be mindful of when snow plowing equipment is on your property.

  1. If you are driving on the property, please have your head and tail lights on
  2. Use snow tires around the commercial space
  3. Give us plenty of room to not only help us, but to ensure that debris does not impact your vehicle
  4. Pull over to the right if you see us approaching; do not pass, especially if the visibility is poor
  5. Give us a wave!


If you are considering getting support from a professional snow plowing business this season, consider Fraser Valley Snow Removal. Get in touch with us here to begin your journey with a consultation.