Choice of Salt Products

Salting before or after a snowstorm is an essential part of the snow management business. Salting is how we keep our customers – and THEIR customers and employees – safe from harm, avoiding serious slip and fall accidents that could cause liable issues in addition to physical injuries.

At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we offer a wide choice of salt products including environmentally- and vegetation-friendly options that fit the needs of our vast variety of clients, which range from ultra-large commercial clients to small privately-owned shops or businesses.

Will it work?

Determinations about the use of particular de-icing products often comes down to melting temperatures. Melting temps – the lowest temperature at which a product can melt ice – varies greatly from product to product. Spreading a product whose melting temperature is not “hot” enough, so to speak, is a waste of time and money.

That’s why our experts are well-versed in what is required to complete your de-icing job and can discuss with you the particulars about melting temperatures and other issues that impact ice removal.

What’s available?

We understand, however, that not everyone wants to use the old de-icing favorite – a sodium chloride product which is most commonly known as rock salt. (This is essentially table salt but in much larger grains.)  While it’s a product that works fine for many of our clients, it’s not right for everyone. That’s why our customer service representatives will educate you on the types of anti-icing or de-icing products available for use and, with our help, will allow you to choose the product that best fits your needs.

Indeed, some de-icing products – such as common rock salt – are quite hard on grass and other surrounding vegetation and could cause damage to the landscape. A magnesium chloride product, on the other hand, is somewhat gentler and may be the choice of some of our clients who are worried about grass, plants, and shrubs taking a beating during the cold winter months, when snow removal is sometimes frequent.

For smaller de-icing projects, a calcium magnesium acetate product is sometimes the answer. The word “smaller” is key, however. Runoff from these types of de-icers can have a negative impact on plants if used in large quantities but won’t hurt the soil or air when used in moderation. They are also gentler on concrete or iron surfaces than chloride-based ice melting products.

There are also additional products available when there is a concern about the health of animals/pets and other products offered that use natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and GMOs. They are sometimes not as efficient as the more traditional products but can certainly be used if the customer prefers.

As de-icing is an important part of addressing any snow and ice accumulation, it’s essential for our clients to consult with a customer service representative about all the options Fraser Valley Snow Removal offers so as to make an educated decision that’s suitable for the client and for the job to be done.