Back in the Summer, we had predicted a cold Winter ahead. Officials had been calling for a large amount of rain and snow, after periods of heat in the Summer. Anticipated snow for the year in Vancouver was expected to be high, as based on the time-based weather formula from the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, the forecast for the season was expected to be far different from in 2019/20.

The 2020/21 long term weather forecast for. Canada was entitled: “The Winter of the Great Divide: Wet, White and Wild in the West, Everything Crazy in the East”

The forecast according to the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac called for average to mild Winter temperatures – stormy, mix of snow, ice and rain in British Columbia. On the East Coast, near normal temperatures are expected.


Here are Anticipated Snow For This Year predictions


British Columbia Winter Outlook 2020-2021: La Nina Returns

This year, the ENSO cycle and a La Nina is to be expected .

The ENSO – El Nino-Souther Oscillation – is a climate pattern in the tropical Pacific that moves between warmer and colder temperatures every two to seven years, approximately. As you can imagine, these changes can disrupt air movements, which can trigger changes to weather patterns.

We are expecting a La Nina temperature pattern this year, which means that we will see average to above average amounts of rain fall in the Winter.

We are on-track with expectation, seeing above average temperature in the early months (October through now), and we may see slightly below average temperatures through the remainder of the Winter seasons.

With this, we can expect to have great temperature and conditions for Winter activities, like skiing and snowboarding, between the months of January through March.


What can you do to prepare for the snowfall ahead?


Knowing we may see snowfall in the January through March months of the Winter season, it is important to be aware of what you need to do to prepare the surrounding areas of your home for the potential snowfall and colder weather ahead.

Here’s what you can do to be a great neighbour…


1. Avoid parking on the street 

Parking on the street overnight during a snowfall can not only wreck havoc for you in getting into your car and off to work, school or an activity in the morning, it can also pose a risk to those who are cleaning the streets. Making way for street cleaning will not only help you travel during or after a snowfall, it will also ensure you’re a great neighbour for others.


2. Assist in clearing the sidewalks outside of your home 

While crews do help in parks and high pedestrian areas, helping to clear the sidewalk outside of your home, or potentially even the sidewalks of your neighbours, will go a long way in ensuring safety and security for all. Roll up your sleeves and get out that shovel!


3. Check in on your neighbours 

Especially during this time of quarantine and social distancing, we must check in on our neighbours during the cold, Winter months. From a window or with a phone call, ask if you can help your neighbours in clearing their drive-way or sidewalks, especially those who have Seniors in our surrounding areas.


While we have had a relatively mild start to the Winter, we can expect to see lower than normal temperatures in the January to March months. Prepare your home for what is ahead, and be sure to be a great neighbour along the way. We are all in this together!

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