While we continue spending more time at home, preparing our homes or our businesses for the Summer that is ahead, you may be considering home and travel preparation for the  remainder of this calendar year. With many of us restricted to local travel for 2020, we are depending on the roads and highways to get us to where we need to be. Additionally, our businesses are more important than ever at this time. In Aldergrove, a beautiful community in the Township of Langley, we have plenty of options for nearby travel and many businesses located in this area. If you are considering a family trip later this year, or if your business is open at this time, there are some things you need to consider for Aldergrove snow removal.


Aldergrove Snow Removal – What Is Included When Working With FVSR?

Snow is a fact of life, especially when you live in Aldergrove. We can experience snowfalls without warning during the Winter months, which means our roads always need to be ready – especially when the weather turns.

As you are planning ahead for the year of “staycations” or preparing your business to be open for many months to come, it is important to consider how Fraser Valley Snow Removal takes care of the roads in Aldergrove, so you can leave your business and home feeling confident in your transportation options. You may also consider support in preparing and clearing your business or property to ensure you leave safely.

Hiring a reliable contractor to get rid of snow and ice on your property is essential. Here is what to look for when looking around for options – and what you’ll get with Fraser Valley Snow Removal.

1.  Search for 24/7 service offering 

If you are leaving your business or property for a period of time, you need to ensure that you have a dependable partner by your side for snow removal support. This partner needs to be available 24/7. If you are embarking on the aforementioned staycation and you want your property to be clean and clear of snow and ice, you may need to call on your contractor at 5am following a snowfall.

2. Your contractor needs to have the necessary equipment for you to be confident and comfortable 

Snow removal vehicles and equipment are large and robust. At Fraser Valley Snow Removal, we have 50 pieces of equipment on hand to ensure that we can provide support for Aldergrove snow removal needs.

This equipment allows us to do everything from small parking lots and driveways, so you can leave your home for that road trip, to large commercial and industrial properties.

3. Be sure your contractor is very aware of environmental impact

Any piece of equipment can have an environmental impact. That’s why your contractor needs to be aware of “green” products, like options that will not ruin your greenery. We do everything we can to ensure we remain in line with your need to steer away from products that contain harsh chemicals.

4. Pre-checks and follow-ups are necessary for a thorough job well done 

Not only is an inspection on your property done before we arrive, we will also ensure we perform a follow-up after your job is complete. Certain jobs may require additional salt, or preparation of equipment, dependent on the landscape and property size. That’s why we have supervisors who maintain the highest of quality standards.


Working as an Aldergrove snow removal specialist isn’t always easy. Our proximity to nearby mountainous landscapes mean we can get a large snowfall at anytime during the Winter. Our employees are committed to getting the job done correctly and in an efficient matter. That’s why they are experts in snow removal.

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