Once the Greater Vancouver area has emerged from the Winter that was, our driveways and sidewalks are often in need of some light repair. The salt of the Winter has impacted our pavement, and we are preparing our property for the sun and warm weather ahead. Snow removal, while not in the assumed form of worrying about the snowfall, can have an impact on your property as we move into the Spring.

The Spring presents plenty of opportunity for preparing our homes for the Season. As such, this article will walk you through how you can take care of your property, include your driveway and sidewalks, after Winter snow removal.


Read how you can prepare your home for the Spring after seasonal snow removal


1. Power wash your driveway 

While power-washing can take time, it is essential to preparing your home for the season ahead. Power-washing will not only remove the leaves and debris of the Winter, it is also important to remove the surface level impact at least one to two times per year.

Power-washing your driveway can also help to reduce potential injury. The aftermath of salts and other anti-snow use cases can create opportunity for slippery surfaces. With power washing, you can protect your family from potential inadvertent spills.


2. Prepare your garden for the Spring 

After the Winter, your garden can be impacted by the snowfall. While you may have Winter shrubs and other relevant plants, the time is now to prepare your garden for the tulips, flower carpet, and other bright florals ahead. Now is the time to take out any Winter-impacted plants that did not make it, or are unwanted for the season ahead.


3. Prepare your Winter accessories for storage 

From salt dispensers to Winter specific shovels, now is the time to prepare your accessories for storage. Be sure everything is clean and tidy before storing; if salt is left in your dispenser, for example, it may impact your device for the upcoming season. Wash everything thoroughly and place within a climate-friendly area of your home or garage. If you have space in your basement, utilize the warmth to protect your investment.


4. Plan for the Season ahead

We understand that snow removal can be an investment for your home or business. To protect your family, by consulting and working with a partner like Fraser Valley Snow Removal, you are taking the additional step to ensure your property is safe for transportation and your business can keep running. While it is far too early to determine the potential snowfall for 2021/2022, the time is now to begin to save money or potentially invest in the season ahead. You may wish to be proactive in snow removal for the upcoming year.


At this time of the year, we are supporting both businesses and residential homes to prepare for the season after snow removal; remember – this can largely be done by yourselves! Activities like power washing, preparing your garden and preparing your Winter accessories are items you can lead in your home.

If you would like to secure support for your business or residential property for the Winter ahead, contact us here.